February 14th, 2006

just stumbled upon this, thought i'd share

Notary Public - Notary service is available at the HUB Information Desk free of charge. Anyone seeking notary services must have a valid photo identification at the time notary services are provided.

Notary Times:
Monday - Friday 10 - 11 am at the HUB Information Desk
Monday - Friday 1:30 - 2:30 pm at the HUB Cashier Office

Note: Notary services are governed by Washington State law, which contains a number of restrictions regarding this service. Please be sure to read this before utilizing this free service


There are no computers in hell...

WHY must it be 2billion degrees in Mary Gates Computer Lab at all times? I thought computers were supposed to be kept cool. I'm burning up. I could understand when it was really cold outside but one of the hotter days was last week and it was clear sunny and relatively warm outside.


I'm not sure if I'm graduating this spring, summer or fall, but the GSP deadline for my major is tomorrow at 5. Is GSP just so you can register early, or is it actually an application to graduate? I wouldn't mind NOT getting GSP registration since I would have regular senior registration anyways, but if I do decide to graduate this spring, would it be necessary for me to apply for GSP or is the actual graduation application different? Thank you!!