February 11th, 2006

Where did I put my tinfoil hat?

How safe are the streets in the U-District at night?

The other day I read about the stick-up at the Bank of America ATM on 47th and tonight I saw a smashed out window on 42nd.

Am I being paranoid? Am I just falling into the media's trap of trying to convince me that this world is a dangerous and hostile place, or should I really take caution when going out after midnight on a Friday night?

Private Party Center for children now hiring! Have fun & get paid!

For all you North-enders:

JUMP PLANET is a brand new private party and play center for children, opening soon in Bothell.

We’re hiring a team of motivated people with excellent customer service skills, strong communication skills, fun-loving, personable, and have a genuine love for children.

Part time positions are available, must be able to work weekends.

Send your cover letter and resume to careers@jump-planet.com.

Please visit our website
to learn more about the specific jobs being offered.

Call us at 425-481-5867 or email us at careers@jump-planet.com with any questions.

Because it can't hurt to ask... Attn: Business students

For business students: What classes did you sign up for Autumn quarter of your junior year (you would sign up before you found out if you were accepted to the Business School)? I'm going to speak with an adviser about this, but wanted to know what some of you did. I'll be abroad in Italy registering for Fall 06 and won't know about my application status/be able to easily talk to an adviser.