February 9th, 2006


application question

im finishing up my transfer application (all i really have left is the personal statement =/) but i do have a question about the application...

im transferring with a full AA degree, and according to the rules and stuff they have listed i dont have to send in any test scores... BUT there's still a place on the application for the test scores. do i still have to fill the test scores out??? i was very extactic to hear that i wouldnt need to send my test scores in... because well, they are pretty bad, but now i'm kind of scared if i'm still going to have to fill them in?
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campus naptime

So.. anybody found good places to take brief (~30min) naps on campus? Ideally I'd be able to shut the lights off, but I'd love to hear of anything that people have found workable.
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PSYCH 101 B Lecture

The tape at OUGL for ## Thursday, Feb. 2, 2006 ## is faulty (there is no sound). I don't have any friends in this class... can somebody please meet with me so I can copy your notes? Or if anybody uses their laptops for class - could you send me a copy of what you have for that day? (ahn34@u.washington.edu)

The lecture was mostly on operant conditioning (I think).

It'd be great if you took note some of the examples she gave in class. ..Then again, it'd be just as great if I get any response at all for this ;)