February 8th, 2006

Robot Love

Altoid tins?

Hey all,

Does anyone have empty Altoid/Mynts/other candy tins lying around that you don't need? Want to donate them for a good cause?

I am making crafts to sell and donate proceeds to Home Alive, (a Seattle based anti-violence non-profit organization that offers affordable self-defense classes and provides public education and awareness). Of course, I want to make lots o' $$$ to donate and little tins are perfect to put my little crafts in!

I can come meet you anywhere on campus to get them. If you have any thoughts/questions/awesome ideas, please email me at chariqueer@livejournal.com or leave a comment.



I have a serious craving and I was wondering if any of the Irish pubs or anyplace else here in the U District have good corned beef and cabbage.

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I'm really sorry if this is a double-post as I just made a similar post a short while ago, however it doesn't appear to show up in the community so I don't know what is up with that, or if I'm just being an idiot which is always quite possible.

Anyway, if there is any one out there in this community who is in the Russian 120 class, (slim chances I know) I have a plea to make of you. I don't have the same copy of Anna Karenina as what the rest of the class has. This seemed to be fine but I need to critical essays in the back of the class edition for the mid-term as it no longer appears the ones I got from the library are what the prof is looking for.

If you have either the copy of the book, or photo-copies from some one else, please contact me so I can make photo-copies of these essays.

Thanks for any help.


e-mail: gewreinn@u.wash