February 4th, 2006

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Don't know if anyone else is following the off-campus code of conduct bill, but it was sponsored by Ed Murray, who's the representative for the 43rd district, which is the one most of us who live in the U-District probably live in.  But I emailed to express my disapproval, and got told that he appreciates "single issue voters."  Nevermind, of course that I've written to support other votes of his, and that I was polite in my email. 

I'm wondering if I would've gotten a different response, had I not used my UW email, and only identified myself as a U-district resident.

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so i have a website through the uw's catalyst simplesite, and i just looked at its statistics. this may seem like a simple question but...what's the difference between "hits" and "visits"? "hits" for today is 193, while visits is 22. thanks!