February 3rd, 2006

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Soc classes

Has anyone taken SOC 357 - Sociology of Religion with Abel, M or SOC 376 - Drugs and Society with Beckett, K? Anything on the people teaching would be great as I am deciding which class would be more fun.
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Without any intent to turn this community into a lost and found:

I seem to have lost my cell phone (crappy silver Samsung flip phone with scratches) on Tuesday, most likely somewhere in the Quad/Denny/Memorial Way area. If anyone by ANY chance has seen it, please let me know! I realize the chances of somebody in this community seeing it are very, very small, but still, this is the last resort, lost and founds have been checked.

my e-mail: annas7@u.washington.edu

Thanks and sorry!
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SoundBites & ASUW Present:

Rainy Dawg Radio's BIRTHDAY BASH w/ Blue Scholars, The Village Green, Mon Frere, and Natalie Quist
Friday, February 3rd @ 7:00 PM
HUB North Den
$4.00 w/ UW ID @ HUB Ticket Office, $8.00 GP @ TicketsWest.com

Summer Language Institutes?

I searched the memories, but couldn't find much information...

I need a way to fulfill my language requirement and the summer language institutes seemed like a good way to get it over with all at once. I was hoping that some of you might have some input into which classes were good, the workload, etc.? I'd really appreciate any information you guys have. I'm leaning towards taking Hebrew (I know a tiny bit but nothing really substantial), but am open to the other languages too. Thanks in advance!