February 2nd, 2006

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i live at pacific sunrise apartments on 22nd. the girl that lives above me is the heaviest walker known to man, my picture frames vibrate on the wall as she crosses the room. and boy does she not stop walking, all night long until anywhere between 3 to 5am. so in turn, she does not allow me to sleep until then (and when you're alarm goes off at 6:30am and you had been trying to sleep since 9pm because you are so tired... it sucks). it's not like i can complain, she's not playing loud music or anything. i'm getting so desperate i've considered moving home and commuting... sleeping in my car... spending my nights in odegaard.... all despite the fact that i have another 6 months on my lease. my two midterms are going to be wonderful tomorrow when i haven't slept for 3 days all because the girl above me. please, advice anyone?
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I checked the memories, could not find anything. please do not bite my head off.

I'm interested to know what your favorite happy hour (for drink prices/specials, hours, foods, location) in the area is.

Thanks for your recommendation!
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Valentine's Day Themed Sketch Comedy Show Opens Tomorrow

Ever had your heart broken?

We understand. That’s why we (three members of nearby Jet City Improv) wrote a new sketch comedy show, Train of Thought > Breaking Up - sketch comedy about love, dating and getting rid of that very special someone, which opens Friday, February 3rd (tomorrow!) at 10:30 PM at Northwest Actor’s Studio. (full show details below)

Our last show was recommended by The Stranger (“good jokes peppered with pockets of awesome”) and we just returned from performing at the 2006 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.

Plus our theater has a full bar and the seating is couches and comfy chairs!

More information about us can be found at our site: www.trainofthought.info

See you there!
Train of Thought

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Hey, y'all.
I was wondering if any of you had parents or knew anyone who is particularly interested in wine. If so, the Husky Marching Band is hosting an event (a celebration or sorts for northwest wineries). Information about this event can be found at www.toastnw.com. If you could pass this information on to anyone who might be interested it would be a great help to the band.
Plus, I would really appreciate it since I am a member of the Husky Marching Band.
And if you don't tell people about this puppies will die.
Okay, not really but please help out by spreading the word.

Thank you all so much!
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I'm a high school senior who just got done with 1 semester of calc and I'd really like to not regress back any further than that for my freshman math classes next year. So, my question is how hard is the math placement test? What subjects does it cover and how thoroughly? Is it hard? Thanks.

rain rain go away.

Where's a good place to find a cute pair of rainboots?!? I am so sick of having my socks and pants drenched from stepping into puddles everyday. And I've seen a lot of people wearing cute polka-dot ones around campus.