February 1st, 2006

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carpool, anyone?

Are there any people in Kirkland that would want to carpool to school? I've got classes at 8:30 m/w/f. I'd be driving. Would require no money for gas, but would expect you to help with the carpool fee (which is minimal-- $0.30ish per person each time parking, it comes off your husky card) at montlake. I'm hoping for at least two people, since that means I could use all the carpool lanes from 405-->520 --> uw. 3 others would be comfortable, 4 crowded. Comment if interested.
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So if you are in Allen South, ground floor, of the Suzzallo-Allen Library, you might be wondering why it smells like popcorn. Well, the answer is I work here and made it in the staff area and for some reason the smell of kettle corn filled the entire first floor. So, enjoy, and I am slightly embarrassed and amused by it.
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Nordheim Court Apt Available Now

My name is Carrie Garrett, and I am a junior at the University of Washington. I currently live in a two bedroom apartment at Nordheim Court in University Village and my roommate and I are needing to move out and find a sublet ASAP. If you live in a dorm right now and cannot take it anymore, here is your chance to escape! I lived in the dorms before moving here and was able to move out mid-quarter, now so can you. The apartment that I currently have is one of
the best ones in the complex. It's a corner apartment on the second floor with huge windows, large family room, and a view of Husky Stadium. The apartment costs $715/person/month but is furnished, includes all utilities, including
internet, etc...just like the dorms.

Please let me know if you are at all interested and we can schedule a tour so you can check it out. Please email me at carrig@u.washington.edu.