January 31st, 2006

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How does span110 work? I see most of the courses are 'web based', but they all list quiz section times for four days of the week. I'd rather take an in person class, but am not able because of the time it's offered. Are the quiz sections all 'in person'?
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Rabies Shots

Hi, has anyone here had rabies shots that are still effective through spring quarter? I'm mostly asking out of curiousity... as messed up as that may sound.

Rather: Curiousity for the time being, that is.

Econ w/ Neil Bruce

Has anyone taken econ w/ Neil Bruce? I thought there was a post before about him, but i couldn't find it in the memories... I've checked ratemyprof (not there) and the course evals (only ratings were for grad-level courses) already. Thanks in advance. :)
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Campus job: student system admin wanted

Not sure if this is entirely appropriate, but..

The SSLI and MTML labs in the Electrical Engineering department are seeking a student System Administrator to join a team of people performing project work and daily maintenance of roughly 200 Unix (Linux, Solaris, AIX) and a few Win2K/XP systems.

Excellent candidates will have some computing experience (Unix, Windows, Mac OS, etc), be willing to learn (a lot - quickly), and have a helpful attitude. Experience with IP networking a plus. Programming experience also a plus but not required.

You do not need to be a CSE or EE major. Training will be provided with expectation of quick grasp of concepts and a willingness to be challenged. This is a long-term position hopefully lasting two to three (or more) years starting at between 10 and 15 hours per week. Work times are mostly flexible. You will need to be available to work over the Summer and some of the longer breaks.

Work study is helpful but not required.

Contact studentsa@ssli.ee.washington.edu (i.e. not in comments) for further information or to apply. Please submit your resume in text, postscript, or PDF only.
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I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for Religion 352 (Hinduism) which is being taught by Heidi Pauwels or 240 (Hebrew Bible) with Scott Noegel. I haven't heard much about either prof, only a vague undercurrent suggesting that Pauwels wasn't that great. Anyone have an experience with one or both of these teachers or any other pointers?

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please respond if you've found a lost UW planner with the name "Lauren" in it. i carry it with me everywhere but now i can't find it. please! thanks

PS. if anyone has ANY RELATIVES NEEDING A HOUSE IN AUBURN OR ANY FRIENDS THERE"S ONE FOR RENT. inquire for more details about it.