January 29th, 2006

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Bricolage, the campus literary (and arts) magazine, is accepting poetry, art, and fiction submissions through February 10th. We're looking for dynamic, creative pieces-- any genre so long as it has literary or artistic connection. We'll read anything you care to send in.

And speaking of reading, this Friday, Feb. 3rd, we'll be holding a writing workshop in the English Graduate lounge in Padelford, 11am-2pm. Walk-ins welcome; you can have your writing critiqued by volunteer grad students, and eat some free food while you're at it. We're also looking for readers for the upcoming submission-reading process, so drop us a line if you like to read students' fiction and poetry.

Send submissions to brico@u.washington.edu

Visit our site at: http://students.washington.edu/brico/index.html