January 28th, 2006


Looking for apartment, please help!


I realize this might be a long shot, but I’m still going to give this a try because I know how active this community is (and I love it, by the way!).

My friend is looking for an apartment that meets the following criteria:

a. Washer/dryer in unit
b. No further South than Rainier Beach, no further North than Lake City
c. $695 or less per month (including/excluding utilities)
d. No roommates

If you know anyone that is trying to rent an apartment, please let me know. She needs to move ASAP and she is not too picky, she just wants an apartment that is safe and isn't under safety codes.

Thanks in advance everyone!! And yes, we have also been searching through Seattle Rentals, Seattle Times Rentals, UW Daily and Craigslist.

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Oh and let’s not forget: GO SEAHAWKS!!!
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