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Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Subject:This Thursday!
Time:1:46 pm.
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SoundBites & ASUW Arts & Entertainment Present:
COMEDY SHOW w/ Eugene Mirman & Nick Thune
Thursday, January 26th @ 8:00 PM
HUB Auditorium
$5.00 w/ UW ID @ HUB Ticket Office, $10.00 GP @ TicketsWest.com

Don't miss!
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Subject:UW Starter Kit
Time:4:00 pm.
This wasn't entirely my idea but I made it anyway and now you are subjected to it!:


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Subject:Phil 120
Time:6:15 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
I fell asleep at various times during last Friday's and Monday's (today) lectures. I have been on top of things since (last time I checked) Thursday... has he covered anything really new since then? Today, it seemed like Weller was giving more examples of stuff we already knew since last week (covering up to the end of chapter 1)... am I wrong? Can anyone tell me where we are? He hasn't posted anything new on e-reserve.

Thanks :)
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Time:7:16 pm.
The room available is the master bedroom in a 3-bedroom, split-level apartment -- the common area is quite large, and there's a balcony.

The room itself is about 21 x 14, and has a large (but not walk-in) closet. There's a desk, full-size futon, chest of drawers, and a very comfy armchair.

It's available from March 22nd until June 10th, for $400 a month, plus cable ($17 each for April and May), plus utilities (approx. $60 total, probably less). I'm discounting the room in return for your taking care of my very friendly and well-trained kitty (all food and litter provided). No, she doesn't do any of those annoying cat tricks like jumping on you in the middle of the night or waking you up because she's hungry.

I have two roommates who are nice, emotionally low-maintenance, and moderately clean (not neatniks).

The apartment is at 24th and 62nd; nice, quiet neighborhood. It's very close to Cafe Besalu, which has the best pastries in Seattle, and within easy walking distance of Market & Ballard.

Buses: directly on the routes for the 18 (to downtown) and the 75 (to Northgate, U District) and about 6 blocks from the 44/46 routes (to the U District, and Capitol Hill) and the 17 (to downtown via SPU).

Interested? There are photos below the cut (pardon the slight clutter). It's hard to capture the size of the room, but if you think about how big it would have to be to hold as many bookshelves as it does, then you get the idea.

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Email me at paigecm at u dot washington etc. if you want to see more photos or have questions.

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