January 20th, 2006

Free parking?

Does anyone know if there's a fine for parking without paying at Montlake? A gal sped in behind me and the yellow guard rail missed her. I wasn't about to hunt her down and demand money, but I was wondering if there were any consequences (other than bad parking karma)? Is this common?

Lost iPod...

Did anyone find an iPod in Kane 220? Mine was either lost or stolen...

It's a 30gig iPod photo with a small dent on the bottom near the charging port thing. It was in a green cover/case.

Even if you don't have any information about it can you tell me any tips to help me get the iPod back? It was a graduation present

Thanks in advance.
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Social Location Disclosure survey

We are a group of students in the Information School developing a web application that allows people to inform their friends or other people where they currently are or where they frequently hang out.

The objective of this application is to allow friends to find each other, as well as to provide people who are simply acquaintances better tools for meeting each other. In addition, it will provide tools for people to find new friends via places they have in common.

This survey contains 16 questions and should last approximately 15 minutes.

Thanks for your input.

Social Location Disclosure survey