January 19th, 2006

quequito estrellas

dropping of a paper during non-office hours

I have a paper that I need to turn in before I leave tomorrow. I have an 8:30 section Friday I could bring 2 things to to turn in, but can't. I was going to drop the papers off at the TA's office, but I realized by the time I have these papers ready to hand in, buildings are going to be closed. Does anyone know how I can get these papers turned in in hard copy when buildings and/or offices are closed?


Yes, I've heard of craigslist but I thought someone in this community might be interested so I wanted to give my fellow freaky livejournalers first dibs.

I have an extra TV. It's 13", color, white, comes with a remote control (which is black and doesn't match the TV in color but works all the same.) It fit nicely in my dorm room when I lived in both McCarty and McMahon. Will fit well on tabletop or bookshelf. Good for a dorm, small apartment, or kitchen TV. Completely compatible with a cable connection or an antenna. It's in perfect condition. I'm selling it because my brother gave me a bigger one and I don't need two. I live around 42nd and Brooklyn in the university district. The TV can be picked up after 5 on a weekday or just about any time on the weekend. It's not heavy. If it isn't raining a person could easily carry it to the dorms or surrounding district. Even if it is raining, if you like rain. E-mail me at elysemm@u.washington.edu if you're interested. $30 negotiable. Pictures behind the cutCollapse )