January 18th, 2006

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For the Real World

I'm graduating next quarter, and only need to take 5 more credits of my major. In order to graduate, I need 9 more credits, but I also need full-time status for insurance.

So are there any fun class or good classes that prepare you for the real world that I could take next quarter? I'm thinking some business class for 5 credits, and some seminar for 2 credits so that I have 12 total. Any information would be appreciated!

I can't wait till they put up the classes for Spring 06!!!
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Has anyone had any experience with the UW Dental School? I need to get some cavities filled that I couldn't get done with my home dentist in Chicago and someone suggested the UW Dental School but it makes me kind of nervous to think about like-- having a cosmotology student cut your hair at discount for practice is one thing because if they mess up, your hair will grow up. But this is dealing with like, nerve endings. And getting cavities filled is already horrifying enough for me. Last time it took three rounds of novicane. Does anyone have anything to say about UW Dental School?

online classes

i am pre-med, and though i dont need statistics, i know its good to at least take a begginer course. stat 220 seems to be the course for me and i was wondering what any of you had to say about it, hard, easy, boring, fun.

the other big thing is i got something in the mail today talking about uw online courses and stat 220 was listed, so i was thinking about taking it online instead of making room for it my go-to-class schedule. i would assume that online courses are not too tough if you are any good at independant learning.

Waiving Credits

So what is everyone's experience with getting credits waived for graduation? I thought the limit was one credit per major/minor. I guess I was wrong. I didn't even intend to waive any more, but another advisor in my department (who obviously knows more than the advisor I normally see) went ahead and waived two more for me. Does this seem strange to anyone?