January 16th, 2006

question for nordheim residents

hello fellow uw-ers,
my friend and i are applying to live at nordheim court together next year, and i just had a couple questions for those already living in/have lived in nordheim:
1. how likely are we, as current freshman, on the HFS Dining Plan, living in the dorms this year, to get an apartment? i mean, i know they put us on a waitlist, but have a lot of people been rejected for housing at nordheim?
2. how big are the beds?
3. no pets? not even fish?! not even fish that i already own?!
thank you!

did you read this?

Freshman Melissa Thompson, 18, is one of a handful of African Americans in a large University of Washington sociology class. Out of nearly 5,000 UW freshmen, only 118 are black.

Bigger black enrollment still only a dream for UW

"That despite Seattle being home to nearly 10 times the number of African-American citizens as Olympia, Ellensburg and Spokane combined. UW faculty numbers are even lower: Just 1.7 percent of tenure-track faculty members are black."

"Black students at the UW say they often feel like objects of curiosity"
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