January 12th, 2006


The rain really does kill


I was walking out of the College Inn after getting an immaculate cappuncino (which is rare for this fine city), I in my raincoat and the rest of the sidewalkers with umbrellas when I approach three umbrellas coming in my direction (all walking under the overhang- thank you verymuchyouass). I try to squeeze in between them versus impaling myself on one of those stupid parking meters when the pointy edges from two of the umbrellas attack me. One side tearing off the hood of my coat and the other scraping me across the side of my forehead. Neither of them turned to acknowledge that their weapons actually hit anything.

So, please, in respect for the vision of your fellow classmates be careful with your umbrellas. You could poke someone's eye out with one of those things! Also, if you HAVE an umbrella, don't for the love of god walk underneath the awnings of a building! You're already protected from the rain, give the non-umbrella users a chance at surviving the deluge!
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Room for Rent

My house has one room that’s going to be available around March 1st – Spring break at the latest. There will be three girls living in the house and we have no preference for who the fourth roommate would be. The room for rent is the largest in the house, which is a pretty big place to begin with. There is laundry on site at no cost, a kitchen with appliances (including a dishwasher!) and 2 parking spots in the back off an alley. The rent is 525 a month including utilities and additional for shared cable internet. Cats are welcome. The house is north of UW (on 12th).
We’d like a clean person who doesn’t smoke and is a student at UW/Seattle U.

If you’re interested, let me know at mgmielke@u.wash....