January 10th, 2006

Help is requested!! (:

Hello everybody! My senior project is to develop a system for roommates to be able to communicate various types of information with each other. If you are currently living with roommates, you guys can help me out tremendously if you take this survey:

The Roommate Survey

It is only a 21-question survey that should take about 15 minutes to do, and it is completely anonymous (no IP addresses, login names, and any other identifying information is collected). I will greatly, greatly appreciate it!!! :D

If you have any questions or comments about the project or the survey, please let me know!

(no subject)

Okay so I am in Callis's chem 142 class. I bought the old tests that Zoller published because I thought it would be good practice to see what kind of material would be on tests. At the end of the practice tests there is always some ridiculously easy 'bonus question'. Do any other chem professors do this? Anyone know if Callis does this? To be honested I thought it was a joke.