January 5th, 2006

Used bike store

I'm looking for a cheap (i.e. under $100) road bike. Used, of course, and it doesn't need to be fancy.

Do you have any recommendations regarding which of the many bike stores in the area would be the place to find such a thing at such a price?

(no subject)

I'm applying for a study abroad program that requires two letters of recommendation. One person who is willing to write a letter for me requested that I write a "sample draft" for her to customize. She said she will personalize it with her own details/observations/etc, but I don't quite understand how to go about creating this draft. Has anyone had to do this before? Any suggestions?

webassign access card for sale

hello fellow uw-ers,
a friend of mine bought a webassign access card yesterday but then, a few hours later, found the one that she thought she lost. she would like to sell it for $5; it's brand new, not used previously, yada yada. since she does not have a livejournal account, please e-mail her at ekh19@u.washington.edu if you are interested.