January 3rd, 2006

Business calculators: HP vs TI

I have both the HP 10BII and the TI BAIIPLUS. I have been using my high school calculator, TI 83 up until last year (freshmen yr) but this year I have let my friend use it and am now using these two business calculators. I probably don't have to mention I'm a friggin noob and have been going through the user manual for both and still find it kind of confusing :/ My other friends and bschool friends don't really use it, they still use their TI 83s or the other fancy ones, haha.

My questions, if you please:
  1. Which one is better overall: HP 10BII or the TI BAII PLUS? I've heard that the former is better.
  2. Which one is easier to use?
From what I can tell so far they are both rather similar except that the HP one is the calculator that is used most often in the business school. The buttons on my TI BA IIPLUS seem kind of cheap and I often mess up when I'm punching in my numbers.

Anyway, any feedback would be wonderful. Thanks!
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when turning in the personal statement, when they say "should not exceed 2 pages", they mean 2 pages double spaced i'm assuming? or no? and does the double spaced formatting even transfer over when you past your essay into their little box/should i even worry about that?