January 2nd, 2006

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Econ 200 textbook question

I know this was asked a while ago but I can't seem to find it in the memories or when I look through the calender.

So I'm going to buy my books tomorrow and I was wondering if getting the new copy of the econ 200 Silberberg book is necessary? Supposedly it comes with a subscription to the Wall Street Journal or something like that. Is this something that I should have or can I just buy it used?

Thanks in advanced.
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(no subject)

Hello everyone.

I recently bought a Mac (finally!), and now I'm wondering what sort of security/anti-virus programs I need to install in order to be safe on the UW networks. If any of you have Macs and have suggestions, I'm all ears. Sorry if this question has been asked before; nothing showed up in the memories section though.
by lj_cazthehobbit

Getting into ART 190

Here are the facts:

1. I'm a grad student in English.
2. I just found out on Friday that I have mono.
3. I'm thinking of switching out of one of my grad seminars and trying to get into ART 190 -- I need the drawing work for an independent study of William Blake's art that I'll be doing next spring.
4. ART 190 is, of course, full -- but the registration page has a note about overlimit students needing to show up for the first day of class.

If I show up for class on the first day, is there a good chance of my getting in? Has anyone gotten into the class before by showing up?

Thanks in advance.

applying online

so i applied to UW last year but got waitlisted and then of course later rejected.
i want to try my luck again and transfer since i'll have my associates at the end of this year.

what i'm wondering is i sort of forgot my username and password that i made last year when i signed up to apply online, i sent in one of those request forms that will tell you your username but i got an email back saying that the email i gave them doesnt match up to the one i signed up with (which is strange because i have proof that its the right email seeing as i still have all the emails UW sent me to that same email address from last year).

i never actually submitted an online application last year, i started one but decided last minute i wanted to turn it in by mail. so am i aloud to sign up for another account for this application that i plan to turn in online or would that be completely wrong?


I have an instructor's copy of the sixth edition of Biopsychology (used for Olavarria's Psych 202 class). The text is the exact same as the regular edition. Contact me if you're interested in getting a sweet deal on this text book.

I also have a Math 120 book (for Dr Conroy's lecture) that he will be using for this entire school year. I paid $25, but you can have it for $10.
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(no subject)

So I'm thinking of staying at UW longer than I had initially planned to pick up a minor (or two). I'm going to be finishing my major in summer quarter with approximately 190 credits. For those of you who have too many credits, I could use advice. Should I not take a specific class I need to graduate with my major so they don't say "No, you finished your major, we're kicking you out?" Is there anything... specific I need to know?


books for sale

Asian American Studies 206 Books for Sale.
History 205 (Filipino History)Books for Sale.

Leave a comment if you're interested.
I'm really looking to just get rid of them
so I'll sell the AAS books for no more than $40 and the Filipino History book for $25.

The books are all in very good condition.

I also have the text books for Latin 101. They are in super condition because I dropped the class halfway through. Prices for these books can be discussed.

I am also willing to bring you the books anywhere on campus.