December 27th, 2005


MATH 126

Simple question. For those of you whom have T. Milac for a calculus course, does he grade on a curve?
The sylabus I found online made it seem like he does not. This terrifies me.

The alternative prof is Conroy, who seems to teach quite a bit, but has inconsitant course catalog ratings and ratemyprofessor ratings.

Any input on these two would be helpful.

(no subject)

Two Hansee qvestions.

1. How is cell phone reception? For T-Mobile?

2. What corner is McKee? And if you wanted to be really helpful, what's the view like from room 302 or thereabouts?

(no subject)

Another oh-so-annoying prof question.

Anyone ever have Sasha Welland for AES or Womens studies..? I'm contemplating taking a course from her and have in fact looked over her syllabus for the specific course as well as her CEC feedback. She looks good on paper, but I'd be interested in knowing of any rants or raves...