December 22nd, 2005


hey i thought this was interesting

so, i'm going to guess that i'm not the only one who did not know what the school's latin motto "Lux sit" (which i saw everyday last year sitting above the fireplace in the Terry Main Lounge) means. I got curious and found this Daily Article from '99.

I thought this little piece of UW trivia would be interesting to post and to see if there are any latin majors who also have an idea about it.

quote from the article: "There is a controversy about the saying Lux sit," said Alain Gowing, assistant professor of classics. First of all, "It's extremely bad Latin. Most people with a rudimentary knowledge of Latin would see that it is bad Latin."
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MATH 197

Anyone who has taken MATH 197, where did you get the add code? The EOP/OMA office? And how did you decide on when & where to meet?

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