December 18th, 2005

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I recently checked my finals schedule for the next quarter, and apparently the are all on the same day - with two of them taking the same time slot.

One of the overlapping final times is listed as "unconfirmed", but I'm wondering if I should go through and try to re-work my schedule anyways. How often are these "tentative" final times accurate? Is there anything I can do about the finals conflict besides finding an entirely new section?

(no subject)

Someone give me the low-down on parking in E-1. (please)

Winter quarter, I want to park there around 8 am and not leave until around 7 pm- is this possible?

edit: related question: has anyone ever taken the IMA class Cardio Kicks? Is it lame? Worthwhile? I'm considering taking it: I have to burn off all the Christmas cookies somehow.