December 16th, 2005


(no subject)

I'm a freshmen and officially moved out of the dorms today. I stayed in the dorms prior to starting at UW through a program and decided to dorm for freshmen year as well. Things didn't really work out personally and financially, though it was a good experience.

My question is, from your own experience, would you recommend renting an efficiency studio/apartment or renting a room in a house near UW? What are the price ranges? Are there are any certain establishments you would recommend renting from? I know there are some shady people out there dealing with renting units. (I did look at the memories at the topic that stated landlords and places to avoid). I'm also looking into a place that is furnished with at least a bed and desk at least because I don't really have anything. Any feedback would be helpful.

My price range is nothing over 600 per month, preferably 550 or below.(I've never had my own place before). And I will search on sites like NW Rentals, Craigslist, The Daily, etc. as well as walking around near the campus during break to find possible places.

Thanks and have a happy holiday season. (: