December 13th, 2005

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Hansee Question

Can anyone verify that room #0 is in fact a real room in Hansee? McKee Wing. "#0" just sounds damn fishy.

I would check myself, except I'm visiting Beijing right now and I won't make it on to campus until January 2nd... at which point I would be S.O.L. if it turned out that this was some big HFS practical joke.

It's also entirely possible that my father just sent me faulty information, as he was the one to transcribe the letter to me via e-mail.

Anyway! Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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ASUW Book Exchange

'Tis the season. And by that I mean the rather secular season of buying textbooks for next quarter! Just wanted to remind everyone about the ASUW Book Exhange (brought to you by ASUW, your student government. I do so hope that was obvious...)

HiSo how do you take advantage of this nifty little contraption? Go to, click on "Click here to enter the exchange," log in with your UW NetID (it's perfectly safe, we're your student government, not phishers), then either list your book by typing in the ISBN number or search by clicking on the button that says "Search" at the top of the page (we really went for "intuitive" on this one. Why the ASUW Book Exchange?

1.) Compare prices amongst books for sale by other students, the Book Store, and (new and used)
2.) You can undersell the Book Store's used price but still get more than the "Buyback" price. Everybody wins! w00t!
3.) Search by ISBN, Title, Author, or SLN number (yes, you can search by the specific course!)
4.) Is there a feature you'd like to see added? Let us know and we'll look into it!

So there you have it. And don't say ASUW never did anything for you. ;-)

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Is there anyone in the French 200-series who is not going to continue on to 203 and has a workbook in reasonably good shape to sell to me? I think it's ridiculous I have to pay $56 for a third of a cheap notebook.

Good luck to everyone taking finals!