December 10th, 2005


Collective Show!

Have you been studying non-stop today?
Looking for something to do for a tiny bit of a break?
Looking for something to do to help you procrastinate studying further?

Come De-Stress with the Collective!

The Collective is having two free improv shows tonight in Hutchinson Hall at 10pm and 11:30pm.

Come in your pajamas (the performers will be in theirs as well), and bring a couple dollars for cookies and cocoa!

If you've never been to a Collective show, you're in for a treat! Bring a bunch of friends, and say goodbye to finals stress!
  • braaw

Saturday language final?

Ok, I'm kinda new to UW (I started Summer Qtr), and earlier today, I was introduced to a very sick facet of life as a Husky: the Saturday morning language final.

One: WTF ? A-L-L department - I hate you.

Two: If you are/claim to be Jewish, can you get out of this in the future? Any other brilliant plans on avoiding this? I'll likely get all sorts of fun testing accommodations like I used to have next quarter, so I can probably schedule it for a different day anyway (hey! there is an upside to being bipolar and having a learning disorder after all!), but should that fail, I'd like to find out how to avoid this in the future.

Three: As if Chinese 101 isn't hard enough, they add this crap in. Grr. 我不是樂意! (Excuse my bad chinese) :-P