December 9th, 2005


we need a new homie!!!!

We have a room available starting now!!! please meet us and sign a lease from jan 1 through the end of august!

we live on 45th and 5th
-one bedroom available NOW
-$363 rent +utilities!
-house of 3 boys and 2 girls looking for a 6th
-you only have to share your bathroom and kitchen with one other girl
-laundry, off-street parking, dishwasher, cable and internet, hella sweet/hot roommates, what more could you want?

you are:
-preferably a student
-preferably a girl (but inquire away boys!)
-respectful and responsible

we are:
-19 to 23 years old
-occasional drinkers, but non-smokers
-occasional themed party throwers (one every few months)
-hella sweet/hot
-we also have a chihuahua who lives in the basement mother-in-law apt.

PLEASE email me for more info. we want to get this taken care of before winter break if possible.

akeikowilson at gmail dot com

bah humbug!

So tonight my truck died while I was driving behind the IMA. Of course, no one stopped to help me, so I called the UWPD to see if they could come jump me. After like 20-30 mins a cop finally shows up. Upon getting to my vehicle, he says that he has been called to another call and another officer will be her shortly. Another 10-15 mins later another cop came by with the little portable battery jumper. That didn't work. He didn't even offer to try with his car. He was like, "oh sorry looks like you need to call a tow or try getting jumped by a running vehicle. Oh, you have a cell phone...thats good." and walked away saying sorry guys. I mean, yeah there isn't anything that he can do when your vehicle is not fixable via jump, but he could have given me a tow number or even offer with his car.

Am I out of line, or was this cop just RUDE!?
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