December 8th, 2005

  • soapel

Concerning the Business major

I was just reading the comments on a few entries back, where one student was assaulted. I noted that some people assumed that the assaulter was a business major, and i was wondering what that was all about. I'm a freshman here, and my initial idea for my major is International Business. If it's common knowlege that I'll have to deal like people mentioned in that post, and that it won't get me anywhere after college, then I obviously have to rethink my major. Anyway, i was just wondering what the general views of Business majors and majoring in Business people have on the basis of the University of washington program?

Spanish 303

Anyone want to switch out of the 11:30 spanish 303 class into the 12:30 spanish so I can get in? It would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know :), I just can't do the 12:30 class.

  • ariata

(no subject)

Is anyone here in math407? If so, could you let me know what the optional hw is? I don't have the handout he said it was on, and it doesn't appear to be on the website.

Handouts 3 and 4 were given out in class in hardcopy.
The optional hmwk (described in Handout 4) involves
either writing a computer program to implement the 2-stage method
or setting up and solving (using a computer package) a McDonald diet
problem. You could ask a classmate for a copy if you are interested.
It's due tomorrow, so you won't have much time to work on it...

(no subject)

Have any of you been part of the Golden Key International Honor Society? I got a letter about it and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. $70 to join is a little pricy, but if it's worth it, I want to consider it. I'm just looking for opinions or experiences!