December 6th, 2005


Lost watch

I lost a women's Coach watch in the U-district last Friday, dec 2nd. Specifically, on 15th from 52nd to and from campus, or else somewhere on campus. It's silver and the background of the face is white/silver looking. If you've found it, please leave a reply. I will offer a very large reward, more than you'll be able to sell it for, because it is very sentimental. Or please respond via email:

I know the odds are slim, but I'm being hopeful....
fleur de lys

(no subject)

Ahhh, this sucks. I'm stuck at OUGL, and I can't concentrate/focus !! blah, anyone perchance have any good tips on how to fix this ?? *back to attempting to write 2 ridiculous papers* .. woo for procrastination on lj.
me B&W

(no subject)

Have any of you taken INFO 100: Computer Fluency and what were your thoughts? I signed up for it last year but ended up dropping if after going to the first class. However, it fits in really well with my schedule for next quarter and was wondering if I might have just gotten the wrong impression about the class.

oh, and also, is there any way to find out what professors are teaching what classes for spring quarter. I really want to take biopsych spring quarter instead of next quarter, but I don't want to get a crappy professor.

Any help is appreciated.
gay batman and robin

(no subject)

I was just on the Burke-Gilman Trail, and on the bridge underneath I-5, there was a bunch of fantasy type books left there. Wonder if someone forgot them or put them there on purpose. Didn't take them but thought it was interesting.