December 1st, 2005


Let it snow ...

It is snowing outside! Look out your windows!

Come outta your dorms and apartments to play in the snow. Never mind, it's not sticking to the ground yet. I don't think. Not yet.

Ta ta!
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I work at the Water Front Activities center down behind the Husky Stadium and a little while ago a UW PD car zoomed by w/ its lights on. At the same time a jogger came in to use our bathroom and he said that the cop was most likely responding to someone jumping off the bridge. He saw 2 men run past him with their shirts off and no shoes on. I went to go do rounds and as i left the building i heard sirens. They were way over by the bridge though. There was a police boat in the water. I passed a cop on my way back and asked him if they really jumped in, and he said 'yeah two of 'em'

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A brief lesson on no-nos.

NOTE TO WORLD: Things not to do when choosing to study in the serious silence that is the Allen Library.

1. Announce your presence by walking into the individual study wings humbing loudly.
2. Whistle made-up tunes and crackle a plastic bag for the 10 minutes it appearantly takes you to sit down and get situated.
3. Loudly mutter what you are reading about.
4. Burst into hysterical laughter everytime something in the text is vaguely amusing.
5. Voice concern for your forgetful nature with outbursts of "Oh! Jesus! Oh!"
6. And then repeat #5 with other outbursts and breathy sighs of "OOooookayyyy... Okay!" and "WHAT? No, no, no..." and "Why the?..." followed by more muttering.
7. Become so excited by the propect of standing to retrieve a book you somehow bang your chair against both the desk and the wall. Then, when sitting down (again clearly excited to read the found book) bang the chair against the wall and the desk again.

And all of this within a half an hour time period. The above person was who I unfortunately had to sit next in front of for the last 1/2 hr of my studying this afternoon/evening. I wasn't shure whether to laugh or cry... or better yet - beat him quiet with the nearest book.
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In hopes of, y'know, getting a good days worth of sleep in (not to mention having no midterm tomorrow)--

how would I know if they closed campus/classes because of the weather?
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er, um.

1011: ProQuest is unable to automatically authenticate your user account. Please enter a valid account name and password, or contact your local administrator for assistance.

I'm logged into my uw account... is there some other password/username I'm supposed to have and don't know about?