November 30th, 2005


uhhhh :(((((((

soooo, where can i get my laptop fixed on campus, it's an HP.
i dunno what happened, i picked up my laptop, noticed it shut off, thought i had hit the power button on accident, set it down try to turn on, it won't, plug in, light doesn't come on, still won't turn on...

X_X <---- my laptop

thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated

Andrew W.K.

If anyone is interested in getting into the Andrew W.K. show for free, we need volunteers to help with load-in and load-out of sound equipment. This mostly involves pushing carts with speakers on them. We need people either at 10am or after the show (around 11 pm) If you or any friends wants a free ticket, email with the time you can volunteer, or respond to this.



Is it too late to change a course you're in now to S/NS grading? Don't lynch me if it's in the memories, ok? Thanks guys.
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