November 29th, 2005


*le sigh*

It didn't snow... there go all my high hopes and dreams. And I was going to go up to the pass today to make snowmen, but no, I'm in my history class "learning." Anyone else gonna do something today if it snowed?

A few questions from the other side

Hi there, my name is Andy and I am a graduate student at WSU. I have a few questions relating to UW. Please don't construe any of them as derogatory (as some may) as I am simply curious.

Would you consider UW a "party" school?

What is the minimum GPA requirement for undergraduates?

Are there any dormitories that the average student would say is trying to be more like a greek house than a dormitory?

How hard is it to smuggle in alcohol to football games?
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Parking ticket

Parking.. ehm... violation question:

I know it is possible to dispute a parking ticket, and I was wondering if anyone had any success with getting their ticket reduced or anything of the sort. What are relatively good grounds on which one might argue with the Parking Services? Say, such a case occurred: a student who shall remain nameless put money on their Husky Card at home, went to park at E1 because it's cheaper, but turns out that money hasn't gotten to the account yet, even while that student was driving to campus from Northgate. So, poor student being late to a meeting with a TA who only has 15 minutes of their time to dedicate to the student (who MUST meet with the TA to keep up with the class!), quickly drives to North Campus and parks there, almost late for the appointment. Upon coming back there's a fine surprise from the Parking Services on the car's windshield... The end.

Oh, and also as it turns out, that student tries to re-park in E1 some hours later, and the card swipe still says "Insufficient Funds" although the Husky Card worked when student bought some food with it... Student had to park in the QFC lot in the end.
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Geography 280?

Hey, wondering if anyone out there has taken Geography 280, the geography of health. Any comments about it? I am testing the waters of the public health world, trying to see if I'd like it as a major... thanks for any help, sorry to clutter up lj space with annoying class questions.