November 25th, 2005

and so the apartment search begins...

hello people.

i'm planning to start looking for an apartment to live in next year. (i don't think i can handle another year in the dorms). i'm curious what everyone's opinion is on apartments for college students in seattle. i plan to live with 1-2 roommates. which apartments can you recommend and which buildings/areas do you recommend me to stay far, far away from?

thanks all!
miss van community
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I am applying to UW for fall of 06.
I was just curious, how hard is it to
get into UW ? anything I should know ?

I am apprehensive about applying, but
this is where I want to go.

thanks for your time.
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Asking for opinions on a not UW related subject... b ut enough of you have iPods that I figure i'll get a good answer.

I just bought an ipod trip thing, that connects my ipod to a car. Unfortunately, the device seems to require the presence of my hand, and to be only two inches from the faceplate of the car radio. That's not possible. What, in your experience, is a good brand to get for something like this? Mine is a mini if it makes any difference.