November 22nd, 2005

  • rocza

CHID 496G: Stepping Through the Stargate: Applied Ethics with a Kwoosh

Shameless promotion time!

Looking for a fun, 2 credit, credit/no credit course to take for Winter Quarter 2006? Do you enjoy applied ethics, social theory, and/or Stargate SG-1? CHID is offering a 2 credit focus group on Stargate and Applied Ethics - you can read the details behind the cut.Collapse )

To register, send an e-mail to specifying the SLN of the focus group, your full name, and your student number. You will automatically be registered for the course.

If you have any questions, ask here... :)

ECON 200

I know like everyone and their mother is posting stuff like this but, could anyone tell me anything about "HWANG,Y" as an ECON 200 teacher? I want to know who I'm up against before I take this class.

George Michael (made by maeybe_tonight

An open call to architecture and engineering students:

Today as I was walking back from classes, I couldn't help but notice the most amazing tree in front of Gerberding Hall. There are three trees in front of it, and the middle one is what caught my eye. Its branches are shaped like hand, a cradle if you will - perfect for a tree fort. It would honestly be a shame if this opportunity was not taken advantage of. So I call on all you architecture, engineering, and otherwise fort-building-oriented students to make a tree fort there, not just for me, but for all UW students to enjoy, play in and maybe throw acorns at LaRouchies from. I figure if you all put your heads together, you can do this in one night. I can help build it, just give me your blueprints, and some money to buy materials. I'm sure your respective departments will be glad to lend a few dollars to such an important endeavor. Thank you, and I look forward to my plan being implimented as soon as possible.


Jeremy Konick-Seese

u-dist safeway

i never thought to ask why they would like us to unload our baskets when we get to the chashier. unloading baskets is a repetative movement that can be injurious. i just thought it made things go faster.