November 19th, 2005


Coordinating with the Cup


So I took the bus (#75) into work today from the north-end of Sandpoint (i.e., U-district bound), like I do every Saturday morning, forgetting that today is Apple Cup day.

Unfortunately, my jacket and my scarf are each a solid maroon color... a fact I didn't think of until the bus was filled-to-bursting with people headed to the game. Needless to say, my color choices were not so popular. More than once I had to reassure the masses (mostly to avoid getting stoned...) by saying multiple times, "Sorry guys! These color choices were not intentional! I promise I'll take them off as soon as I get to work! Go Huskies! Woooo!"

Anywho, as form of penance I feel compelled to post a message of Husky enthusiasm here.