November 18th, 2005

  • braaw

them cougars + snarky weather

In a weird kind of justice, the Seattle Area's weather forecast calls for fog most days for the next week (through Monday), thus leaving Butch Cougar and the special paint on the Space Needle obscured a good part of the week.

At 01.15 this morning, you couldn't see the Skyline (the lower 300' level) of the Space Needle through the fog.

Also, asthma sufferers, do note the area is in a Stagnant Air advisory until the end of the week, if not longer.
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IMAX GoF, anyone?

Does anyone want to buy two tickets to the showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at IMAX 10:30am tomorrow?

I know it's late but it's worth a try. I bought them for $11 a piece - if you want to offer less, try me and I'll see what I can do.
pig-rabbit <3

Dumb CSE/INFO 100 Question

Okay someone might have asked this already but I'm gonna go ahead and ask:

For CSE 100 and INFO 100, it says the two are offered jointly. So if I registered for JUST INFO 100, I'm okay, right? Or am I supposed to sign up for CSE 100 as well?

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Housing Woes Woot.

My friends and I are on the lookout for a 5 bedroom house. I am, of course, pounding pavement and clicking craigslist, but anybody got any leads? Also, are the various U district landlords that housing questers have been warned of so often on these pages still going strong and ass-holy?
  • avianc


hi, im a french undergraduate student, and i was wondering if there is any private french tutors on campus that you know or you recommend. i prefer a tutor from the native country, or a francophone country.

  • braaw


So what's the deal with the heat being off in Smith 205 today? Brrr. I didn't realize how cold it was until I had sat down in a left-handed desk next to the wall of single-pane windows.

At least it kept me awake during SISEA 212, not like the rest of the class, it seemed. Is this an unrelated incident, or a conspiracy to make me cold during a class I don't like?

Near E 250.

I want to take this class called Near E 250 Iranian Culture and Civilization but it seems to never be offered. Can anyone tell me any information regarding this class. Whether you have taken it or not or know how often it is available. Thank you very, very much.