November 17th, 2005

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I've been scanning the International Programs and Exchange website recently, attempting to find a program for the summer to travel to Japan with. So far I've found one or two options, one being in Hokkaido costing approximately $5,300, and the other at Waseda University costing about $7000. Does anyone know of any better opportunities to travel to Japan for the summer and learn Japanese? Preferably near a big city, but not really expensive?
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3 Helicopters!!

If you are wondering why there are 3 helicopters over Lake Washington, a woman apparently lost control of her motorcycle, crashed into the side of the road and then was propelled off of her bike and into the water!! She was rescued and seems okay. More here

Registration Knoes (not woes).

I have asked around to all the friends I can think to ask about this and no one knows of a way to do this (though I would think they would set up a simple system for it, but anyway). I am looking for a way to only display 3-4 credit classes in the registration catalog. I don't think this is possible (if it is please tell me), so if anyone has recommendations of 3-4 credit classes I can take to 1) fill up my schedule/max out on credits and 2) boost my GPA, please advise. I don't particularly care what subject or level it's at (I'm a senior so 300-400 level is fine, assuming I can get in without prereqs), so long as it's interesting and easy to get a good grade in.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm looking to study abroad next year, and I'd really like to go to South Africa for one quarter, however, I'm a polisci major, and I need polisci credits, and the only quarter program the UW has in SA is a CHID program.

Any suggestions?

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Thought some people would be interested...
November 18
07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
HUB Ballroom "God on Trial" with Ravi Zacharias
Sponsored by University Big Events

Join world-renowned evangelist, author philosopher and speaker Ravi Zacharias for an evening of "tough questions and straight answers" about God. This is part two of an open forum led by Zacharias on the topic of "Searching for Absolutes in a Pluralistic Society." Part one takes place the previous night, November 17, at 7:00 at University Presbyterian Church. The event is free and open to all students. For more on Ravi Zacharias, check his website: