November 15th, 2005

i am not a stuffed tiger.
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new yorker festival : needs volunteers

You might know that the New Yorker College Tour is at the UW today - Thursday. I ran into one of the organizers yesterday at the HUB and it sounds like the tour could use a few volunteers to keep things running smoothly. If you'd like to help, and possibly run into nice staffers, editors, or writers along the way, call Kelly Owens (917/680-5504) to sign-up for a shift. More details after the lj-cut.
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More registration woes

So, I'm a transfer with sophomore standing, who really needs to take ART 190 (I'm an interdisciplinary arts major, and this class is a prereq for just about everything else I need). But upon getting up this morning, I discovered that it's all of a sudden Freshmen Only until Period 2. That said, are there any freshmen who would possibly be willing to hold a spot in one of the MW sections for me until I can add it to my schedule?
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Pirate's life

Dorm bathrooms.

I know, I know, check the memories, but one thing hasn't yet been answered.

Bathroom privacy matters a bit to me and I was wondering how they are in Mercer and Lander. I'm applying for winter quarter dorms so who knows where I'll really end up... but I might as well give it a shot with preferences. At least semi-semi-private in either?

Fish Bio Lab

Anybody in one of the Fish Biology labs that is full want to switch into the 8:30 section? I do not trust myself to handle a sharp instrument that early in the morning. It would be really nice of ya, but I'm not expecting any takers, heh.
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free twin matress for any of you poor college students needing something better to sleep on during midterm season. only requirement is that you come and get it.

it's in good shape, my roommate was borrowing it until she bought her own. now that she has, my parents don't want it back as they are trying to sell our house and don't have a place to put it.

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OK. I will be selling my lovely 4.0 cubic foot black refridgerator come the end of finals week, as I will be moving out of the dorms and will not be back at UW until next September (and trust me, hauling this fridge home with me to Minnesota would be a schlep). I bought it for $128 plus shipping and handling, and I will sell it for $125 (a whole three dollars off the price!). You will need to come and pick it up since I do not have a car, but if you really want it and do not have a vehicle, let me know and we'll figure out a plan. It's in good condition, and has a mini freezer in it. I'm leaving Seattle on December 17th, so it would be great if you could pick it up before then.

I will also post this on Craig's List.

First come first serve.