November 14th, 2005

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Hey, can anyone who's actually taken the Japanese placement test here tell me what it's like? I'm trying to get into 112 next quarter and I've never taken Japanese as a class, so I'm not really clear on what I'm supposed to have learned by now, especially in the reading/writing sense.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Attention all residence hall students:

Tickets for a midnight showing on the evening of the 17th of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at Pacific Place are on sale now at your front desk! We have managed to get an entire theater all to ourselves, so it will be packed with res hall students. The movie comes out on November 18th, so at midnight on the night of the 17th, we will be able to see the movie. Tickets are $7.50, payable with cash, check, or Husky Card Account.

See you there!

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"Due to excessive use of system resources your access to the Registration service has been disabled. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for further details."

what the hell?? how do I get this off of my registration so I can actually register for classes?
and since when do they freeze your account for over-clicking??? (I thought that was part of the whole process of registration, manically clicking to register the second registration opens)

ugh. tell me what to do. please.
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sorry, i apologize, if this seems silly or redundant.

for all you mac users out there:
i recently downloaded fetch and got the program installed and running (but i also have cyberduck as well), but for whatever reason i cannot connect to the dante servers. when i first try and connect, this is what the connection screen requests of me:

+hostname []
+username [do i use kayw13, or]
+connect using [ftp? sftp?? ftp with gssapi? ftp with kclient?]
+password [i'm assuming this is my MyUW netid password] i doing something wrong here? it won't connect. i have kerberos installed, and i've tried running kerberos first (which is what you're supposed to do, from my understanding) and then run fetch under ftp with kclient, but it gives me an error message saying it can't verify or authenticate my security somethingorother. is there anything that's a common problem that i should be watching out for?

any help would sure be appreciated...

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hey hey,

to anyone who's taken the acctg 215, qmeth 201, or mgmt 200... what's the course load like? i'm thinking of taking accounting and qmeth together winter quarter but i'd like to know how hard they are or how busy they'll keep me before i commit. any tips or info on any of these classes would be great (good profs, etc.). thanks!

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on Wednesday, the ACLU at UW will be tabling on the HUB Lawn from 10 AM -2 PM
to sign people up for the ONLY FREE RENT: THE MOVIE SNEAK PREVIEW in Seattle!
for Monday November 21st @ 7 PM!
Stop by and find out more!!
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A question.

Who do I have to fuck around here to get into ENGL 284?

I will bake you cookies if you're an English major and hold me a spot.

I'll even include special ingredients, upon request.

(Unethical, I know. I just want to write some short stories!)