November 13th, 2005

I checked the memories.

I am a SCCC student planning on transferring to the UW and was wondering if taking upper end math and science classes would make me more competitive?

My intention is to major in the liberal arts, but I wonder if the math and science would make me seem more well rounded. Is well roundedness (while still focusing on pre-recs for a major) something UW wants in a transfer student, or is that more for high school applicants?


i suck at science

I am thinking of taking PHYS 110 (Liberal Arts Physics). Has anyone taken it? Was it easy, any other thoughts on the class, work, prof, etc...Anything would be helpful. I am not a math or science person at all! Thanks.
fais la fete.

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What's a really solid place (near/in the UDistrict) to develop (analong, not digital) photos?
I'm down for paying a little bit extra than usual (Costco's)

Thanks folks