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Friday, November 11th, 2005

Time:12:22 am.
At the U-district IHOP....
I got a PUBE (yes, a PUBE) right on the middle of the top of my hamburger. worst part.....the cook was bald, so we KNOW it wasn't just a hair.

ewww ewww ewwwwwww
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Time:1:27 am.
I need the easiest VLPA ever. please.

Also, i've never taken a history class at UW before. Can you just jump right into a 300 level course and not die?
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Time:6:11 am.
registration woes/questions

okay, so i wanted to take astrobiology 115, which is also, astro 115, ess 115, biol 114 and oceans 115.
astrobiology section i can take filled up, but the ones in biol and oceans are still open yet they won't let me the fwug into them.
how does one make this system work towards one's advantage in this situation?
also, how does one tell if a section has been closed permanently?
any thoughts or such on this topic? thank you for dealing with my woes.

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Subject:Stat 220 or Stat 311
Time:12:17 pm.
Who has taken Stat 220 or Stat 311, what are you thoughts on either one of these classes. I can't decide which one I want to take!
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Time:4:33 pm.
has anyone has gail nomura for asian american studies, and what did you think? thanks :)
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Subject:Qmeth and Accounting
Time:4:44 pm.
For someone not too good at math, which would be easier: Qmeth 201 or Accounting 225? I know it depends on how the person does in Acctg 215, but just in general which is the toughest. I haven't heard anything from anyone about the Qmeth classes at UW and their difficulty level...
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Subject:Hi/Hello/Salaam/Shalom/Marhaba/Bonjour/Buon Giorno.. yea
Time:5:30 pm.
Mood: amused.
Hi ! I was wondering if anyone can tell me some easy I&S and VLPA credits. English isn't my first language so I hope you can request some classes that are not like Phiolosophy 100 because I frankly have no idea what was going on. I like the classes to be concrete and not so... I guess philosophical.
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Subject:Huskies win!!!!!
Time:6:25 pm.
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Subject:phil 160 vs chid/physc 210
Time:7:55 pm.
I am trying to decide between it, CHID 210, and PHYSC 210(sexuality), so if anyone has taken more than one of those...I'd especially like your advice.
It seems oriented in physics, which I'm horrible at, but if it doens't actually have you doing physics...I'd be fine.
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