November 10th, 2005

gay batman and robin

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how much reading is in econ 201? I am trying to not burden myself with too much reading winter quarter so that it would actually be possible for me to be caught up with my reading for once...


Damn LaRouche Kids

*walking toward the quad*

LaRouche Kid: Hey, you want to assemble with us to take down Cheney?
My Friend: No...we're going to assemble to take down you guys...and Cheney...tomorrow.
LaRouche Kid: Like hell you will.

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Hey guys, this is my first quarter registering by myself. I forgot that my time was at 6:00am, and I'm just now registering.

While trying to add a Finance class, I got this message. "This section is closed for the day. Additional spaces will be available tomorrow. Check for alternates. More information..."

Should I try again tomorrow morning at 6? There wasn't much info as to what this meant.

kiss the rainbow
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anyone happen to know the host address to connect to the dante servers? i just got fetch set up and running, but i seem to lacking the necessary information.


Online classes...

From a FAQ for the online learning site:
"Is online learning real University credit? Are the courses on the UW transcript?
Upon completion of an online learning course, and at the time a grade is submitted by the instructor, the course is added to a separate part of the UW transcript under the heading "Transfer credits and Ext/Independent Sty/placement credits." These credits can apply to a UW degree, but the grade will not affect the GPA for courses taken on campus."

So does this mean that taking a class online won't raise my cumlative GPA? WTF? I want to take one for the very reason OF raising my GPA, on my own time and from the comfort of my own home. Hrmp.