November 9th, 2005

GAIP proof of insurance

As a graduate research assistant, I enrolled in the Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP). But I never got a card or any other proof-of-insurance document in the mail.

If I ever end up in the ER, what do I show them?

For that matter, for my own record, how do I know my insurance is all hunky-dory? Shouldn't I have a plastic card or piece of paper saying I have insurance from such and such date to such and such date, and bearing a policy number and a phone number?


Hi everyone. I know this is not entirely UW related but it sort of is. I am doing a fundraiser for the Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society and we are selling wreaths! They are 24 inch Noble Fir Wreaths with accents of pine, juniper, other greens and berries. They are $20 and the money goes towards our general operation funds as well as our huge endowment fund project. If you buy one, i will get it to you before thanksgiving. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! let me know if you're interested and I will send you a picture.

Thanks in advance!
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Yo folks.

I'm currently working on study abroad in Okazaki, Japan, but will be coming back for winter quarter. I am hoping (crossed fingers) to get into 312 when I get back; but its a stretch - I did a summer intensive course a year ago, but started more or less from the bottom when I got here; that said I'm doing 6hrs of classes a day for two months, so I have SOME hope ;)...

What I'm wondering is if anyone (Ideally someone currently in 311) could give me some idea of what I need to know, how far grammar has to get and what not; maybe I can fill in gaps with independant study.

I know this is a stretch, but info is appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!
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Dear University of Washington,

That's a funny joke you pulled, telling me I have to get up at six in the morning on the Friday holiday for registration. Haha. I have a sense of humor, see? But seriously, when do I start registration?

Oh... Oh, you are serious. Six in the morning. On Friday.

Fuck you.

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I've been looking on the BCC website and am thoroughly confused.... I see they have Econ 201 and Acctg 225 and it appears that they transfer to UW. I can't find MGMT 200 or QMETH 201 anywhere on there. Does anyone know if BCC offers them (specifically in the summer) and if they transfer to UW? Thanks sooo much.