November 7th, 2005


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Is anyone not able to go to the David Lynch Talk tonight who is registered? As a long time David Lynch fan, I would be overjoyed to take your seat(s)! Drop a reply if this is possible. Thanks in advance!

coursepacket for Art120?


-I have misplaced my coursepacket(I believe I left it at a friend's place) for this class, and I would rather not purchase it again since it would be another $40 bucks and I feel like it will turn up again. If there is a way I could borrow it for a day it would be much appreciated.
man in hat

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well the only LJ group I found about the seattle international film festival is kind of dead, so I thought I'd ask here because I figured there are some awesome artsy/filmy people that might be able to answer my question.

I saw a movie at SIFF this year that I LOVED and I've been looking all over the internet for it. I found a website that said it was released in Thailand two months ago, but is unavailable in the US. What are the chances that I can obtain a copy of this wonderful movie? Zero? I'd pay to have it shipped over if I knew anything about where to buy dvds from other countries.