November 6th, 2005

fleur de lys


So I need to find a good English synopsis/summary of a french book I read in order to help me get a better grasp of the book before tomorrow mornings midterm. I've googled the book a lot (tristan et iseut- our copy was by Joseph Bedier) but I can't find anything worthwhile, just mainly stuff on the opera, but not the story. Any other or related sites that may be good to check out?.. thnx.


Would it be better to take Acctg 225 right after I finish Acctg 215, or would it be a big deal if there was a two-quarter long gap between when I take them? I was thinking of either taking Acctg 225 or Econ 201 at BCC during the summer, depending on what I take next quarter.
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I was looking into moving into Hansee but can't find a floor plan. I was going to note on my request that I don't want a room facing 45th. Does anyone know where a floor plan is or what those room numbers are? Any other advice (best floors, wings, odds/evens, most spacious) would be *highly* appreciated.
fleur de lys

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Its 1147pm right now, .. anyone else perchance up on the 2nd floor of OUGL right now? Perhaps sitting in the half of the computer bays closer to the 'back' (info desk area, near the stairs-ish) rather than the 'front' of the library.. and can maybe take a random guess as to why I'm currently annoyed.. yes, so much so that I'm writing this lame entry.. just wondering