November 4th, 2005



Computer Failures
Date: 10/24/2005
A few PC workstations in Mary Gates Hall CRC and Odegaard Learning Commons, as well as some Access+ workstations in Suzzallo, Allen, School of Social Work Library, and Engineering Library are suffering from manufacturing failures. Please be assured we are working diligently to resolve the issues quickly. The systems are suffering from manufacturing failures and Dell is shipping replacement parts as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience as we work through these hardware issues.

I love them so.
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I know the computers take a long time to boot up (at least, they did when I was last in ougl). But as a tip, if you think it's just sitting there with a black screen and a mouse for no reason, try ctrl + alt + delete. If that comes up, hit 'new task' and type explorer into the box. And happiness ensues for someone left a computer all alone because they didn't know this.

MHE 417 or MHE 485

Has anyone taken classes within the Department of Medical History and Ethics? Particularly either:

MHE 417: Disease in History, taught by James Whorton.
MHE 485: Concepts of the body taught by Berryman.

The MHE classes sound really interesting but I want to know whether it's friendly to nonmajors/liberal arts majors. I don't want to sign up for either and find out that they require a lot of technical background I don't have.

FREE FOOD on Red Square

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know that the UW Alumni Association are giving out free pop (Black Mountain Dew and Lime Pepsi) on Red Square right now. And at 7:30PM they will start giving out free buritoes and pizzas.
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Space Needle

Why is the Space Needle flying a *HUGE* Coug flag? I thought UW was Seattle's main campus, and Pullman can fly the Coug flag on the cow-poop needle (or whatever they have). Makes you wanna burn the whole thing down... (not really so much).

Another registration question -- German

I hate the fact that I have to take German 201 and it's at 10:30 MTWThF, which effectively kills the possibility of taking just about any other class I want to take (namely, any interesting I&S course).

Are there any German majors/minors/etc in this community? Does anyone know if it's really required that I take 201, or the 200-series in general? I'm in 103 right now, and my current TA (and the course catalog, it appears) says it isn't, but I spoke with Prof. Bansleben on Monday and he huffed and puffed about how required the 200-series German is, if I want to minor or major in it. Honestly, though, it's killing my schedule.
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BIOL 354/356

Next quarter's time schedule is up, and some things about it are worrying me. I'm majoring in conservation biology and I want to take BIOL 356 next quarter because it's a required foundations class and it doesn't conflict with my other required courses for once. Unfortunately, over 25% of the spaces have already been claimed (leaving 88 spaces) and it's only the first day of registration. I'm scheduled to register on the second day of juniors. Does anyone know if there's hope on getting in?

I'll ask the same question about BIOL 354, except that "only" 20% of the spaces are gone (72 remain).

If normal conditions for these classes would say that it's hopeless for me to try and get in, would anyone be willing to hold a place in either class, preferably the ecology one? Name your price...

span 110 (web based)

theres a web based span 110 class i want to take thats offered mtwthf mornings.
since its web based, will it really meet up every day? i hate mornings and if its early, there is a very good chance my attendance will dwindle as the quarter progresses.

has anyone taken it? how is the material/ web based format?

found cell phone

Mods: I'll understand if you delete this post, no harm done.

LADIES: IF YOU LEFT A CELL PHONE IN THE 2ND FLOOR BATHROOM OF KANE HALL, THE HUB LOST & FOUND HAS IT. I held on to it hoping you'd call, then I gave it to 'em. So you can sigh relieved.