October 31st, 2005


oh cool, got a lot of responses on the tattoo question, that's what's nice about seattle: a lot of options and a lot of people to ask. thanks all, i'm gonna go check out prices at a couple of the recommended places and see what happens. i'm stoked, getting something done is part of my apple cup weekend plans (and there are a lot of them).

happy halloween!
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fleur de lys

i'm sleeping on rocks.. kinda

My bed sucks major. Well the mattress at least. It was a cheaply bought matress & box spring set.. dear dear parents.. and the mattress is way way way too soft for me, I sink right through it almost. I'm wondering, is there any way at all possible to make the mattress "harder"? Last yr I slept right on it (no foam padding etc) and I could feel the stupid springs- sucked major. Now i'm sleeping on mattress> mattress pad> foam pad> sheets. I dont think sticking a thin sheet of plywood (hah) in between anything would help.. Ideas? Other than actually pay for a good matress? I'd really like to get an actual good night's sleep one of these days.
guan gung

possible longshot

I lost my phone today, but I don't know where (yeah I can be scatterbrained). I just realized that I didn't have it and cannot seem to find it in my house.

It's a Nokia 3530, old, beat up and undesirable, but I would like to get it back. I hang around Odegaard a lot and work in By George. I may have also left it in the upper level of Kane 130.

Here is a picture, only difference is that mine is greyish with paint chipping off and the rubber thing on the back is missing. Holla if you see it:
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