October 27th, 2005


Anyone taken MGMT 200 from any of these profs: DAWSON, MYER, JUDD, GAUTSCHI, KLOTZ, HELF, or BERGSTROM? I just was looking for some first hand advice to who you liked the best, etc.

Also, acctg 225: Adams or Armstrong? I currently have Widdison for 215, and was just wondering if anyone really liked adams or armstrong, etc.

Thanks so much for any help!!! i really appreciate it. :)

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do not pee in the showers. i repeat "DO NOT TAKE A PISS IN THE SHOWER". or you will have to deal with me saying, "Mothafucka I know yo ass did not just pee in the fucking shower across from me" like i had to do today. believe me it's not fun for either of us. thank you.
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COM 301

Have any of you communication majors out there taken 301 for your methods class?

I'm interested in taking this winter quarter because I don't have a desire to take any of the other methods classes offered, so any comments would help!

Furthermore, if you recommend a different methods class that's taught winter quarter, feel free to pipe in as well!
holy manatee

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So what's with all the fire trucks and abulances by Schmidt hall? I heard something in passing about evacuees and saw a guy on a stretcher, but I haven't heard anything else.

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In case you weren't quite sure which university this is, there is now a large, purple letter W painted onto Red Square. Right in front of Suzzallo.

Your tuition funds at work.
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There needs to be more than midterms on Monday.

EDIT! Okay, changing the post completely after some comments.

If you wanna Trick or Treat on Monday evening/night, comment with your email or AIM or ICQ. (You can delete the comment after posting it to make it disappear so no one but me will see it.) Let me know when you think we should start and WHERE you think we should meet-- neighborhoodwise/streetwise. I will send info to everybody on Saturday night or Sunday before too late. We can't be too big a group though, I suppose... I don't know how Trick or Treating happens out here in Seattle so I'll need advice.