October 25th, 2005


Missing Textbook

Hey all.
In a bout of stupidity, I believe I left my Italian textbook somewhere on campus. My best guess is the Atrium in the HUB or in Suzzallo. If anyone's seen a very battered yellow and white textbook entitled "Ponti," let me know. Don't have much hope, though...

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So, I've read the policy regarding students who wish to repeat a course.

BUT, what if the course is dually listed? Example: Religion dually listed as Anthropology. I took the course as an ANTH credit before, but I'd really be interested in taking it again because it was just that interesting for me. So, if I take it again and register for the Comparative Religion credit this time, am I STILL technically repeating the class when it comes to grading, transcripts, etc.?

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Has anyone taken CHID 210: UNIV-WAYS OF LEARN with Antony? I am looking for a pretty easy but interesting class to balance out the rest of my schedule. What do you think about the class, the workload and the professor? Thanks!


Has anyone in here ever had Latin 101 or any other Latin class with Rachel Hanna?
Can I get your opinion and thoughts about her.

Anything you have either from first hand or from what you've heard.
Thanks a bunch!
fleur de lys

want to talk about yourself?

Anyone want to come in and catch about themselves to my FIG students? .. sort of

- For Next Monday, OCT 31: I'm looking to put together a panel to discuss various majors that my fig students are interested in and none (!) of my fellow fig leaders that I have emailed can meet with my class.. so sad. So here I am, reaching out to all of you- (share info on why you chose the major, app. process, classes in the major, what you can do with X major, internship/etc oppotunities, ...)

- I'd like to bring in the following majors
* Com/ Journalism-- Specifically JOURNALISM since they are a journalism fig
* English
* Sociology
* Anthropology
* Pre Med/ Pre Vet
- I think I've got Business covered..

I'd like to squeeze in as much as possible but I Really want to discuss: Journalism, English, and Anthro at least. I'd like to have everyone speak for 10-15 min.

Now for the details-- My class is held
-Mondays at 230-320pm
- Thomson 231

- If nothing can be worked out for next Monday then I may try to schedule this again for MON Nov 21
-- Interested? Leave a comment or email me at: salitam@u.wash---

I'll buy you a candy bar, seriously. heh.